Limestone, Marble, Onyx, Travertine & Others

Natural stone slabs have a high degree of variability in mechanical characteristics. Some stones which present dramatic color and/or movement are presented to the consumer for countertops due to their exceptional beauty despite their less than desirable mechanical characteristics. Weaker stones offer no rick to the end user as once successfully installed problems are rare but they can present significant challenges in fabrication and installation.

Weak stone, which is often characterized by large seams, fissures, or multiple filled areas can substantially reduce the options available for fabrication. It is common for such weak stone to break during the fabrication process. In that event industry practice is for the broken pieces to be epoxied back together.

Natural stone is porous to varying degrees. Custom Stone interiors applies a sealer that is specially designed to seal stone surfaces. Sealed stone is resistant to staining but, while rare, even sealed stone can be stained. Sealed stone will often have a slightly different appearance, usually a little darker and sometimes a bit glossier, than raw stone.